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Rare Cosmic Soul Andara Pendant
  • “I am the energy of freedom and free will. I inspire a calm and positive outlook and help connect you to the energy of Superconsciousness. My shades of indigo cleanse & soothe you. Hold me up to the sun to move into a mild meditative state. Sit with me under a full moon to enhance your intuition. Wear me close to your heart to connect to All That Is.”


    -- Rare Cosmic Soul Andara


    This pendant was hand-wrapped in Hawaii by Arleen Rose with USA 925 Sterling Silver.

    Our Monatomic Andara Crystals are sourced ethically from Mt. Shasta in the USA. They have high spin rates and may contain fragments of Prima Mata. All of our Andaras have been charged in a Hawaiian vortex on the Island of O'ahu.

    Rare Cosmic Soul Andara Pendant

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