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Meet Our  Team

Welcome to

Sacred Earth Academy!

Aloha from Hawai'i!

We are a collective of individuals from different backgrounds coming together to create more love, peace, and joy in the world. We are here to share skills in transformative sharing, divine connection and unity, as well as, deep self-consciousness.

A Beach in Hawai'i
Plumeria Flowers, Hawai'i, image from Canva
Green Jungle area with stone steps, Taken in Hawai'i

Misty Sky, DBC

Shamanic Healer, Inner Child Alchemist, Psychic Channel, Angel Communicator, Energy & Light Worker, Founder 

Misty Sky at Turner Falls, Okalahoma
Misty Sky Headshot
Misty Sky on top of a mountain in Colorado

Misty Sky, known as @prism_of_light on social media, is a shamanist, certified angelic healing practitioner, certified chakra healing practitioner, Reiki master, spiritual artist, and DreamBuilder coach with The Life Mastery Institute.


Her mission is to help women tap into their innate soul wisdom to unlock their purpose in life; her goal is to help women into the next steps of success that are aligned with their souls.


She taps into deep wells of sacred knowledge that are different from what you might have heard before. Her teachings, wisdom, and healing light are channeled from Spirit, her benevolent guides, ancestors, angels, and life experience. 

Misty is skilled in the art of quantum jumping into higher timelines through awareness, light language DNA activations, energy transmutation, inner child healing work, chakra bodywork, Reiki, working with the angels, working with innate gifts, as well as taking in the unique light code activations through her channeled paintings.


Misty intends to be a beacon of light for others as they make their way out of the darkness and teach spiritual tools on how to transmute that darkness into light. She recognizes each individual has the innate ability to heal and it is a part of her purpose to show others how to tap into that sacred ability so they can find peace and happiness in their lives. She knows that to do so, it is crucial to be aware of the sacred partnership between the healer and the individual where the individual's ability to receive the healing, their belief in the healing, and their ability to do their own healing work is just as vital in this process. 

Misty is aware that as one begins their journey, there is no going back;  there is only forward and through as you transmute past trials, tribulations, and outdated belief systems.

Discovery is simply a remembrance of who you are at your core essence.

You are simply so much more than you can be conscious of. It is time to let your magic flow, let your essence thrive, and claim all that you are here on this earth to be.

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Certified By Brave Thinking Institute

Jody Rose, Ma, MFA.

Spiritual Teacher, Sound Healer, Health & Wellness Intuitive, Psychic Channel, Scientist of Inner Transformation, &  Creative Visionary

Jody Rose in Arizona
Jody Rose Headshot
Jody Rose touching a Reedwood Tree

Jody Rose, MA, MFA, is an author and a professor, a Heartmath Provider, a research scientist, and an essential oils specialist. He is also a sound alchemist (channeling in new healing frequencies with his sound drums), an intuitive health consultant, a Reiki master, an Ogham Script reader, a crystal and Andara keeper, and a psychic empath channel. 


Jody believes healing is a partnership, and that with some guidance, you can heal yourself. His holistic and functional approach to healing involves reconnecting in awareness with your mind, body, Soul, and Spirit to create a synergistic balance and allied communication on your path to soul expansion and energy enlightenment. He believes that healing is about connecting to everything that is, which is the energy of Superconsciousness-- Your mind, body, Soul, and Spirit are all part of this high-frequency energy.  

He believes healing is about transformative sharing, resiliency, and sustainability.  After 21 years of working with people, he feels there is a unique formula that is specific to each individual on their healing journey, and he loves helping others find that formula.  It is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world to finally figure out what healing looks like for you, specifically, so you can take the guesswork out of the process.


When you decide to heal, you change your energy, and this raises your frequency to prepare you for the beautiful pilgrimage that healing is. It takes courage to choose the healing path.  The reward is a happy, healthy, peaceful, and balanced life, and one of Jody's missions is to guide you to this space of Soul expansion and energy enlightenment.

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Our Team

Dreamer, Traveler, Maker of Wonder & Whimsy

Arleen Rose

Arleen Rose Headshot

Arleen Rose is a teacher, an artist and artisan, a traveler with ancient maps tattooed on the insides of her eyelids.  When she dreams, she returns to adventures, lessons, and lifetimes past.  And after many side trips onto various esoteric paths, she has returned to home-sweet, Rome and continually walks the road to Damascus.


As a creator of hand-wrought jewelry, rosaries, and other goods, Arleen Rose believes in the innate beauty of natural crystals, metals, other materials.  She embraces the organic creative process of letting the materials guide her agile fingers.  This gentle practice yields a collection of simple beauty that resonates with positive energy, becoming the physical manifestation of divine connections.

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