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What Is Light Language and How Can It Help My Spiritual Practice?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Last Updated October 24, 2023 by Misty Sky

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The ultimate goal of a spiritual practice is to find meaning and wholeness in your life.

Through different modalities of healing and raising your vibration, this is achievable with dedication and practice, hence why it is called a spiritual "practice".

We are living in a new era of energy and education and the understanding of these concepts is imperative to the evolution of our species as a whole.

As individuals wake up to the concept of Oneness, we begin to heal and mend the fragmented aspects of humanity and the destruction of the human ego.

What is Light Language?

Light language is a growing concept in New Age Spirituality, but it is actually an ancient technique used by individuals in indigenous cultures for centuries.

Some have called it "speaking in tongues", where the energy of your own soul's wisdom and the energy of All That Is / God / Great Spirit / Source Energy is channeled through the recipient through their heart space.

Light language is a way of communication that passes the concept barrier of human language. This language is expressed in high-frequency sounds, vibrations, and seemingly "foreign" words and phonics.

Depending on the way each individual receives Divine information, light codes may also be seen through the third eye as symbols, shapes, and numbers.

Transmissions of light are meant to be felt with the heart and not listened to through the mind as we would in our own language.

Each individual has a unique soul language that emits distinctive frequencies and light codes as it is spoken, unlocking and upgrading DNA sequences along the spine.

This allows for energy to move and transmute in the individual and in others who hear these unique frequencies.

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How Do I Tap Into and Activate Light Language?

Here I will guide you to different ways you may be able to tap into this innate wisdom for yourself if you haven't already. Remember, your ability to speak, hear, see, write, sense, and feel light language (or any Divine wisdom) is your birthright!

Expose yourself to it!

Seeing and hearing someone else speaking light language is a perfect way to practice listening with your heart and allowing it into your being.

The key is to let go of the rational mind and fully release any preconceived thoughts and emotions or uncomfortable feelings you may have about it.

Society has conditioned our minds to judge what we don't understand. The practice here is to allow the wisdom of your soul to take charge, allow yourself to let go, and feel free just to be you!

There are plenty of free videos and resources on TikTok and YouTube with individuals who speak light language. Here is one as an example.

We also offer two services that are a good way for you to get exposed to experiencing light language:

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Tap into Your Heart Space.

Another way to recognize your unique soul language is to go into your heart center and listen internally, allowing what comes forth to flow freely and without judgment.

How do you tap into your heart space?

For this exercise, you will want to have a notebook and pen close in case you feel called to write or scribble anything that comes to you.

Exercise: Find a quiet place to be with yourself and sit or lie in a comfortable position. Close your eyes then place one hand on your heart and one on your stomach.

Take a deep breath and imagine your heart filling with bright white light as air rushes into your body.

Keep your attention on this space as you continue to take deep breaths and feel your heart expanding with light energy.

Now, listen closely to your heart space and keep your eyes closed in case you begin to see symbols, lights, shapes, or colors.

There is no right or wrong here because this is your own unique language.

Let your hands, arms, and body move in the ways that you feel called to. Allow yourself to say and verbally express anything that comes to you.

Just allow it without judgment and feel it flow from your heart.

The beauty is that this process is only yours and you can express your unique frequencies the way you receive them.

If you get to the end of your exercise and you do not sense, hear, feel, or see anything, that is okay.

Be gentle with yourself and keep a practice of this exercise. You are tapping into your own innate personal soul wisdom and that includes your soul's chosen timeline to be able to receive these codes.

How Do I Use Light Language in My Spiritual Practice?

Once you can express the language of light in the way your soul has chosen, implement it as a part of your sacred practice.

Light language activates and transforms energy along your DNA strand and is a powerful tool in soul expansion and evolution.

Transmissions clear out lower vibrational energy so new, higher vibrational energy can come into your life. This includes a clearing away of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you as well as relationships and experiences.

It is important to know that through this, please remember to release control of your external environment as holding onto things that no longer serve you will cause unnecessary suffering.

What will be coming in for you to replace those lower energies will be energies that are a better match to your new frequency and soul alignment.


Light language is an important and extremely powerful way for us to "get with the times" and evolve to match the frequency of the earth, Mother Gaia.

She is evolving whether we can keep up or not!

Through our spiritual practices, we are able to heal those fragmented aspects of society as a whole by reprograming old paradigms that we know are just not true anymore, and move into a more aligned future for all of us.

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About the Author

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Misty Sky is the owner and founder of Sacred Earth Academy. Her mission is to help women tap into their innate soul wisdom to unlock their purpose in life; her goal is to help women into the next steps of success that are aligned with their souls. Through her writing and teachings, she wishes to help raise the frequency of the collective consciousness and bring awareness and understanding to those who are ready to hear it.

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