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"There is no thought in sound. When there is no thought, there is peace and a deep sense of connection to source."
- Jody Rose

Sound healing and clearing is a powerful practice that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleeping patterns, release energy blockages, stimulate brain function and memory, and feel more centered and balanced in your body. This experience can also help you access your deeper intuition and connection to source. The sound waves will help you open your energy field to higher healing frequencies.

During a 30-minute Zoom call, you can choose a comfortable position and experience deep rejuvenating sound waves with Jody's one-of-a-kind custom handmade sound drums from Russia. You will enter different meditative states of consciousness and emerge feeling peaceful, refreshed and uplifted.

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What can I expect in this sound session?

During a sound healing & clearing session, you can expect to experience a deep sense of relaxation and inner calm. The sound vibrations from the drums will be used to create a healing atmosphere that helps to clear away negative energy and blockages. As the session progresses, you may also experience physical and emotional shifts as your body and mind become more balanced. You may bring a notebook and a pen just in case any insights into your healing journey come up for you as the sound is channeled for your unique energy. 

Can I extend The session past the allotted time for the session if I feel it is necessary?

Of course! Jody will let you know when the session is nearing the end and will give you the option to extend for another 15 or 30 minutes. if you choose to extend, payment will be sent and the session will resume. 

Pay For Extention Here:

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