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Very Rare One-of-a-Kind Electric Blue Andara Pendant
  • "I am meant for you if you are on a path to deepen your intuitive psychic abilities. I am a magician's tool and can help you connect to the energy of Superconsciousness. I am a stargazer and love to be outside during the full moon. I also strengthen and activate your Throat Chakra and help you tap into deep wells of inner truth. Through this energy, I am helpful in times of energy upgrades and connecting you to your Spirit Guides."


    -- Rare Electric Blue Andara


    This pendant was hand-wrapped in Hawaii by Arleen Rose with USA 925 Sterling Silver.

    Our Monatomic Andara Crystals are sourced ethically from Mt. Shasta in the USA. They have high spin rates and may contain fragments of Prima Mata. All of our Andaras have been charged in a Hawaiian vortex on the Island of O'ahu.

    Very Rare One-of-a-Kind Electric Blue Andara Pendant

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