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Protection & Guardianship Crystal Kit
  • This Protection & Guardianship Crystal Kit is helpful in protecting, purifying, and strengthening the auric field, clearing negative energies, enhancing positive energy, and raising vibrations.


    This Kit Includes:

    ~ 1 Epidote & Garnet Cluster (Brazil)

    ~ 7 Tumbled Pieces of Super 7 (Brazil)

    ~ 1 Double Tourminated Tibetan Rainbow Quartz (Tibet)

    ~ 1 Black Brazillian Tourmaline (Brazil)


    These crystals have been specifically chosen for protection and guardianship. Every crystal is hand-picked by Jody Rose in person for their specific high- frequencies and high vibrations. Jody Rose has been a crystal keeper for over 20 years. Crystals from all over the world find him, waiting for their homes.

    All crystals come cleansed and charged in a Hawaiian vortex on the island of Ohau. It is recommended, however, that you cleanse and charge them in the sun, moon, dirt, or your preferred way of charging.

    Protection & Guardianship Crystal Kit

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