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Magick & Ritual Crystal Kit
  • This Magickal & Ritual Crystal Kit is helpful in absorbing and transmuting unwanted energies including past traumas, protecting and grounding the auric field, amplifying Moon Goddess energy for ritual & magick, and promoting self-love.


    This Kit Includes:

    ~ 1 Black Tourmaline Tower (Brazil)

    ~ 1 Herkimer Rainbow Diamond (Herkimer, NY)

    ~ 1 Lapis Lazuli Wand (Pakistan)

    ~ 1 Garnet Piece (Garnet Mountain, USA)

    ~ 1 Charoite Piece (Chara River, Sakha Republic, Russia)

    ~ 3 Apophyllite Points (Germany)

    ~ 1 Black Tourmaline Pendant ~ Hand-wrapped by Arleen Rose in USA 925 Sterling Silver

    Magick & Ritual Crystal Kit

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