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Grounding Root Chakra Andara Pendant
  • "I am here to help you balance and center your energy in a hectic world. I am an amulet and a guardian. Hold me in the sun and gaze into me. I also assist with meditation and deep-earth connections. I connect you to your breath. I help you feel safe and stable. I restore your energy to the essence of life. "


    -- Grounding Root Chakra Andara


    This pendant was hand-wrapped in Hawaii by Arleen Rose with USA 925 Sterling Silver.

    Our Monatomic Andara Crystals are sourced ethically from Mt. Shasta in the USA. They have high spin rates and may contain fragments of Prima Mata. All of our Andaras have been charged in a Hawaiian vortex on the Island of O'ahu.

    Grounding Root Chakra Andara Pendant

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