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"Manifestation works backwards through each layer of reality; from source, creativity births an idea. When belief and emotion align with source, the idea becomes reality."  
- Misty Sky & Jody Rose

The powerful practice of combining sound healing frequencies and the sacred language of light, allows you to open your energy field to a higher frequency of healing, transformation, and manifestation. Sound healing and light language can help you release energy blockages, restore balance, and promote inner peace allowing a deeper connection with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Light Language is a spiritual language spoken through the heart that can be experienced through sound, symbols, colors, written words, and energy. It is said to elevate us to a higher level of consciousness and to higher realms by raising our energetic vibration, allowing us to connect to our higher selves, divine guidance, and healing. Using light language as a modality for healing empowers us to manifest our highest potential and have a deeper relationship with ourselves and the universe. Combining light language with our hand-crafted high-frequency sound drums from Russia helps to open up and clear blockages in the body so vital energy can flow freely, so our desires and manifestations can come in easier as we begin to tap into our innate ability to call in what we wish to create for our lives. 

Allow this divinely guided co-creation to unlock your inner potential, a deeper sense of peace and well-being, and a sense of wholeness with yourself and the Universe. As you journey through the sound healing and light language experience in a 30-minute Zoom call with Jody Rose and Misty Sky, focus on what you wish to manifest into your life and trust that you are being guided to the perfect frequency of love and light for your highest, most divine good.

remote 30-minute Zoom call
Performed by Misty Sky and Jody Rose
Personalized Intuitively guided Session

  SAVE  $35 

  SAVE  $45 

  SAVE  $195 

What can I expect during this session?

During a sound healing & light language session, you can expect to experience a deep sense of relaxation and inner calm. The sound vibrations from both the drums and the language of light will be used to create a healing atmosphere that helps to clear away negative energy and blockages. As the session progresses, you may also experience physical and emotional shifts as your body and mind become more balanced. You may bring a notebook and a pen just in case any insights into your healing and manifestation journey come up for you as the sound is channeled for your unique energy and manifestation goals. 

Can I extend The session past the allotted time for the session if I feel it is necessary?

Of course! Jody or Misty will let you know when the session is nearing the end and will give you the option to extend it for another 15 or 30 minutes. if you choose to extend, payment will be sent and the session will resume. 

Pay For Extention Here:

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