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chord cutting ceremony

"In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself. it will be a permanent self, rooted in awareness and creativity. once you have captured this, you have captured the world."  
- Deepak Chopra

A Chord-Cutting Ceremony is a powerful process of releasing the past by cutting the physical, emotional, and energetic ties that bind us to past or current unhealthy relationships, habits, places, and experiences that no longer serve us. This session is designed to give you the closure you need and help you find peace and clarity as you transition into a new chapter of your life. 

Through our one-on-one sessions, we provide personalized guidance and support. Our goal is to guide you through this process with grace and ease so that you can take the next steps toward your new beginning. 

Misty Sky offers a 1-hour Zoom call where she will guide you through the process of releasing any negative energy and creating space for healing and transformation. She will also provide insight and support as she holds space for the creation of a clean slate in your life.

remote One-hour Zoom call
Performed by Misty Sky 
Personalized Intuitively guided Sessions

* Please contact us if you are interested in an income-based sliding scale rate for this service.

What can I expect from a Cord-Cutting Ceremony?

A cord-cutting ceremony is a powerful ritual that releases you from the energetic and emotional ties that may be holding you back. During the ceremony, you will be guided to visualize and release any emotions, memories, or experiences that are no longer serving you in a positive way. You will also be guided to create new intentions as you move forward in creating a new chapter for your life. You may feel a deep sense of release and renewal during this session as the ceremony will provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon the past and create space for the future.

How Can I benefit from a Cord-Cutting Ceremony?

A cord-cutting ceremony can help you heal from past traumas, release old patterns, and habits, and create space for positive energy to flow into your life. It can also help to create a renewed emotional and energetic space in your life as you let go of any feelings of guilt, resentment, fear, and anger that you may have been holding on to. By releasing the energetic ties to people and situations that are no longer serving you, you can make room for new possibilities and opportunities and move forward with clarity and focus. As we let go of the past, we begin to feel more connected to our present moment, finding peace and empowerment in creating our own destiny.

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