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channeled  psychic  readings

In a 30-minute phone call, Jody Rose will channel answers for up to 3 questions that you have about your life. Let his wisdom and insight help you see what you may not be seeing so that you can have more clarity in your life. His honest and straightforward techniques can create massive breakthroughs.

remote 30-minute phone call
Performed by Jody Rose 
Personalized Intuitively guided Readings

How Can I benefit from a channeled Psychic readinng?

A channeled psychic reading can help you gain profound clarity and insight into your life path. It can help you make decisions more confidently, understand your life purpose, uncover hidden opportunities, and attain a deeper understanding of yourself. It can also help you recognize and release patterns and behaviors that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. A channeled psychic reading can help you understand the spiritual world and how it works and connect you with the spiritual world.

What should I expect from a channeled psychic reading?

A channeled psychic reading begins with Jody Rose connecting with higher spiritual energies. He will then ask for guidance on your life path and will interpret the energy that is communicated to them. He will then relay this information to you, allowing you to gain insight and clarity on your life journey. You can expect to feel a deep connection with a higher spiritual energy. Your reading will be tailored specifically to your needs and questions, and you may be asked to focus on a particular area of your life in order to gain insight. You may receive messages or guidance from the channeled energy, which may take the form of symbols, images, words, or feelings.

What is the difference between a channeled and a traditional psychic reading?

A traditional psychic reading is based on the reader's intuition and can provide information about the past, present, and possible future. A channeled psychic reading, on the other hand, is based on a psychic connecting with higher spiritual energies to provide more specific information about your life path. It is more detailed and can provide guidance on how to move forward in life. 

What is the best way to prepare for this session?

The best way to prepare for a channeled psychic reading is to be open and receptive to the messages and guidance that you receive. Establishing a clear intention for your reading can help you get the most out of it. Additionally, writing down any questions or areas to focus on beforehand can be helpful, as well as bringing a notebook to your session to record any important guidance, images, feelings, words, or symbols you receive. 

Can I extend The session past the allotted time for the session if I feel it is necessary?

Of course! Jody will let you know when the session is nearing the end and will give you the option to extend for another 15 or 30 minutes. If you choose to extend, payment will be sent and the session will resume. 

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